Meet me

It’s time for my first real post where I’ll tell you a couple of things about myself and my life, so let’s start!

  • My name is Katarina, I am 20 years old and I live in Split, a tourist town in the Republic of Croatia. Croatia is a wonderful country full of natural and cultural goods. It is located to the right of Italy, across the Adriatic Sea. I will also put you a few pictures from Croatia that those who have never been here will see how it is.
  • The reason why I do not write posts in Croatian is because many more people, in fact most of the world knows good English, while the Croatian language does not know so many people. I’m fortunate that my English is my good side because most people wouldn’t understand that I’m writing in Croatian … haha.
  • I’ve been working for 5 years now (since my 15) and I’m very happy about it, I love fashion. I also deal with professional make-up and I have my own cosmetic salon in Split. I opened it 6 months ago and I’m doing the makeup for 5 years. As a child I wanted to be related to makeup and fashion, and luckily I did it because it is the only job that fills me and makes me happy. Believe me, when you like something like I love my job, your whole life is better for you.
  • Happy Christmas to everyone, sorry for late…You can comment me on how you spent Christmas. I was with my family all day. We got together and shared the gifts. I love that quiet day full of happiness. πŸ™‚

That would be that for this post, I just wanted to meet you with me and in the next post I will start with my main topics. I will not always just write about fashhion and make up, I will put in a couple of times something different.

If you’re interested in something just ask me, but of course I would love to have more followers  because I just started. I want more people to read my blogs. That would be that, enjoy, and be happy. Happy Holidays everyone!

By the next writing … kisses.



Author: Katarina, Fashion and makeup

Fashion and makeup

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